In the era of globalization, information technology plays a very important. By mastering the technology and information, we have sufficient capital to become winners in global competition. In the era of globalization, is not identical to the master information technology literacy.

Information Technology (IT) and multimedia has enabled the accomplishment of effective learning and fun, which involve students actively. IT and multimedia capabilities in delivering the message is considered very large. In education, IT and multimedia has changed the paradigm of delivering course materials to students. Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) not only can assist teachers in teaching, but had to be stand alone in facilitating the learning process.

The emphasis upon maximizing human resources in all sectors, we would need a very effective communication system. If we respond to the needs of the initial focus should be more upon receipt of information rather than information dissemination. It is almost a reversal of roles compared to the role of communication for educational administration.

The major difference between developed and developing countries is the ability of science and technology. The rapid advances in science and technology in developed countries karma is supported by a well-established information system. In contrast, weak information systems in developing countries resulted in penguasaan.ilmu pengetahuan.dani technological backwardness. So it is clear that the forward or whether a country is determined by the control teirhadap information, because information is the main capital in developing science dan.teknologi the main weapons to developing countries. So that if one country want to move forward and continue to exist in the global competition, then the state should control the information. In the era of globalization and the information is not enough control over information harnya just master, required speed and accuracy. Because almost nothing to control the information that is outdated, but the development of science and technology very quickly result in the information age to be very short, in other words, the old information will be ignored by the more recent information.

Input (input) and direct contributions from the stakeholders (stakeholders) to another; students, parents and community members also provide helpful information and increase public support for school development. If the primary objective is to maximize the education of human resources it has improved our communication with all sectors of the educational environment and the stakeholders (stakeholders). Besides the main key to improve communication should focus on shared communication and increase the opportunities for contributions from all fields.

Our lives are now slowly beginning to change from the former industrial era into the information age changed under the influence of globalization and rapid advancement informatikamenjadikan computer, internet and the rapid development of information technology as a major part to be there or we should not lack future life. Network activity caused by economic globalization advances of information technology not only changed the pattern of economic productivity but also increase productivity levels, and at the same time also causes structural changes in the political, cultural, social life and also the concept of time in the various walks of life.

Responsibility of schools entering this new era of globalization should be to prepare students to face all challenges that are rapidly changing our society. The ability to speak a foreign language and computer literacy are two common criteria required to enter the era of globalization both in Indonesia and around the world. And with computers that have been infiltrating every aspect of human life, it requires a very high responsibility for our education system to develop students’ language skills and computer literacy.


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